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If your website collects personal data through cookies, you likely need a cookie notice. The requirement depends on your location and that of your visitors. This post covers the basics of cookies, privacy laws, and what you need to know to comply.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small text files websites use to gather data from visitors. They help improve functionality, analyze website traffic, personalize ads, and more. However, because they can identify individuals, laws regulate their use.

Why Laws Govern Cookie Use

The regulation of cookies aims to protect online privacy. By understanding these laws, you can ensure your website operates legally.

Data Privacy Laws and Your Website

Data privacy laws apply based on where your business operates and where your website visitors reside. This section helps you identify which laws affect your website.

Global Data Protection Laws

  • In the EU, comply with the GDPR and relevant national laws.
  • In the US, state laws, such as the CCPA (California), may apply.
  • Canadian laws apply to interactions with Canadian users.

Requirements Under GDPR and CCPA

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR requires websites to get explicit, informed consent before using non-essential cookies. This section outlines the standards for valid consent under the GDPR.

CCPA and CPRA Requirements

Unlike the GDPR, the CCPA and CPRA allow cookie use until a user opts out, specifically for targeted advertising and personal information sharing. Websites must also provide a clear privacy notice.

Implementing a Cookie Banner

A cookie banner is essential for law compliance, making consent collection straightforward. Regardless of your website’s purpose, it’s vital to ask for consent before setting cookies and to allow users to manage their preferences.

Choosing a Consent Management Platform (CMP)

For global compliance, using a Cookie Banner consent management platform (CMP) is recommended. Schedule a meeting with North River Marketing today and let our team ensure your website is compliant with current and future regulation.

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