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4 Questions to Boost Your Digital Plan

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As a small business owner, your attention is likely pulled in several directions. Your time is valuable and so is successful implementation of your digital marketing strategy. Impactful digital marketing is designed to educate consumers as well as generate web traffic and leads.

Are you using every available digital marketing resource? With so many digital platforms and social channels available, it can be difficult to identify which align best with your goals. So, take a moment and ask yourself these four questions designed to improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

What does your strategic outreach plan include?

What channels and platforms are you currently invested with? How can you expect to generate ROI if you’re investing incorrectly? How do you know?

The key is understanding your target audience. How do these individuals digest information? For instance, perhaps you are using visual content when your consumer prefers text. Before investing in any digital marketing strategy, focus on learning about your ideal consumer. Then, ask yourself – what is the right medium to reach them?

Who are you targeting?

How many of your website visitors do not become a transaction, a non-buyer? Perhaps this potential consumer could benefit from your offerings but fails to convert due to a lack of:

  • Time
  • Information
  • Direction

Most digital marketing strategies overlook one crucial element, follow-up. Successful digital marketing initiatives are not solely focused on point-of-sale, they also incorporate persuasive and innovative remarketing to non-buyers. Remarketing provides you an opportunity offer clarity to potential consumers by highlighting exactly how your product or service will solve their needs. Remarketing helps to transition a non-buying consumer from maybe to yes

Are You Meeting Expectations?

Value Proposition is the promise you offer your consumers, assuring them that you provide a better product or service than available elsewhere. Your value proposition acknowledges and answers the question: “why should I buy from you?”

An unforgettable digital marketing strategy leverages the emotions of your target audience to communicate your value. So what happens when your current digital marketing strategy doesn’t deliver to the right set of people based on their psychographic factors? Nothing – your value proposition and target audience are not in sync and your marketing investment is rendered ineffective.

Are You Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Do you understand the difference between click through rate and conversion rate? Or the relationship between average position and search impression share? How do you measure the duration your shopper stayed on your website? Understanding key performance indicators will help you understand the actions (and hang-ups) faced by your potential consumer.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency is a huge decision that only you can make, but in a digital world, your marketing strategy is what sets you apart. 

At North River Marketing, our team provides an impactful, innovative and unforgettable approach to marketing and advertising, placing you in front of your audience at exactly the right moment. Are you facing digital marketing strategy challenges? Do you need help analyzing your current strategy or identifying KPIs? Contact the experts at North River Marketing and let’s start planning your digital marketing strategy.