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Google is always working to make its tools better for people who design websites. They have decided to stop using the Page Experience Report in the Google Search Console. This is a big change, and we will talk about what it means for website designers.


Since it started in 2020, the Page Experience Report has been a helpful tool for website designers. It told them if their website was easy and fun to use. The report measured things like how fast a website loaded and if it moved around a lot when people tried to use it.

Google is getting rid of the Page Experience Report because they want to make things simpler for website designers. They want their tools to work better and be more helpful.

What Does This Mean for Website Designers?

Even though the Page Experience Report is going away, there are still many tools that can help website designers. Google has other tools that will still be available, like the Core Web Vitals report. This tool shows how fast a website loads and if it is easy to use.

Google also has other tools, like Lighthouse and Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX), that can help website designers find problems and fix them. These tools can help make websites better for people who visit them.

Looking Ahead

The end of the Page Experience Report means that website designers can try new tools to make their websites better. They can use the Core Web Vitals report, Lighthouse, and CrUX to make their sites load quickly and work well for visitors.

In the end, saying goodbye to the Page Experience Report is a chance for website designers to learn new ways to make their websites better. As the internet keeps changing, the tools for designing websites will also change, so website designers can always find ways to improve their sites.

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